Bohemian Interior, Shabby-Chic Interior, Rustic Designs, Vintage Styles, Industrial Boho-Chic

Boho Vintage Interior Designer Diploma

Bohemian Interior, Shabby-Chic Interior, Rustic Designs, Vintage Styles, Industrial Boho-Chic
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Bohemian style has, for over 200 years, been an exotic alternative to the accepted fashions of a given period. Forget trend forecasts or the latest fashion fad, bohemian-vintage is all about telling your story and being as creative as you are able. Every bohemian-vintage home is as unique as the designer, combining informality, wellness, and unrestrained recklessness.

Generally associated with artists, writers, and intellectuals, bohemian culture incorporates various styles from around the world and history. This style consists of loose colours and has been known as boho chic, hippie style, and Aesthetic designs. The Boho design stands out in a crowd representing a colourful counterculture based on creativity, poverty, and an indifference to social structures and traditions.

A vintage home is not just one era, but a fleet of ages that cover up to six decades of styles and designs. And in those decades we will find different styles such as Shabby Chic, Retro, Rustic Vintage, or Eclectic themes. This course will introduce you to those special themes so that you can design your vintage home with confidence, as well as the homes of others, merging both designs to create the perfect free-spirited home. This course will inspire and empower individuals.

This course will show you the different takes on bohemian-vintage, no matter if you prefer minimalist Scandinavian, Shabby-chic, glam, rustic, mid-century maximalist, or colour lover, you can design your home to suit your taste, needs, or budget.

​Who should study this course?

​This course is designed for anyone who has a home, who enjoys free-spirited designs, or who simply wants to have fun.

Whether you are an existing interior design practitioner, an aspiring professional, or an inquisitive creative genius, this course will enhance your expertise and boost your CV with key skills and accredited qualifications attesting to your knowledge.

Benefits of Boho Vintage Interior Decorating:

This course will enhance your creativity, imagination and


It will open up various doors toward a promising career.

It will aid in your exposure to a different historical era.

It will help in boosting your morale in the world of

interior design.

It will enhance the quality of your home and life.

It may help to increase the value of your home.

This course will enable you to use your initiative.

‘This program showed me the various ways in which to design my home. The bonus is I can always go back to my course text for guidance if I ever get stuck.

The knowledge I gained about colours and indoor plants was well worth every penny. I feel ready to start little projects of my own. Thank you for the beautiful combination of bohemian and vintage.’ Alice.

Course Curriculum:

Module 1: The Vintage Home

1. Introduction

2. Developing a Vintage Style

3. Merging Old and New

4. The Art of Thrifting

Module 2: Shades of Vintage

1. Shabby Chic

2. Retro Interior

3. Rustic Designing

4. Vintage Industrial Design

Module 3: Bohemian Design

1. History of Bohemian Design

2. Evolution of Bohemian Design

3. The Bohemian Home

4. Characteristics

Module 4: Twentieth Century Vintage Homes

1. The 1920s

2. The 1930s

3. The 1950s

4. The 1960s

Module 5: Vintage Bohemian Space

1. Combining Vintage and Bohemian

2. Signature Colours

3. Bohemian Spirituality

4. Positive Energy Plants

5. Bohemian Spiritual Decorations

6. Positive Energy Colours

Module 6: The Look

1. Putting it all Together

2. The Art of Display

3. Lighting

4. Buying Bohemian Fabric

5. The Handcraft Touch

MODULE 7: Reading List and Conclusion.

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For people interested in interior design and eclectic styles
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Bohemian Interior, Shabby-Chic Interior, Rustic Designs, Vintage Styles, Industrial Boho-Chic

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