Create compelling photorealistic images & cinematic animations in Blender & Unreal Engine

Blender & Unreal Engine for 3D Environment Design

Create compelling photorealistic images & cinematic animations in Blender & Unreal Engine
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Welcome to blender & unreal engine for architecture visualisation – the complete architectural visualisation design course, the only course you’ll need to create stunning visuals in the very powerful unreal engine.  Learn 3D environment modelling & Texturing in Blender & Unreal engine.

This course has had great success teaching students arch viz on Udemy!

Packed with almost 6 hours of video training, this comprehensive course introduces beginners to the arch viz workflow between blender and unreal engine. Even with no 3d experience, this course will help you master architectural animation in unreal engine.

Here’s how:

The course is taught by a top instructor with almost 100,000 students

The course teaches you the very latest tools and techniques

No previous 3d experience required, learn the very basic tools right through to the more advanced

Save yourself time by learning the shortcuts and smart workflows to accelerate your projects

Learn to design to real world scale and achieve accurate results

Learn how you can turn you design ideas into fully realised 3d environments

This course takes you step – by – step through engaging video tutorials and teaches you how to create stunning visuals using the very powerful blender & unreal engine.

This comprehensive course covers a great deal that include:

Detailed 3d modelling in blender

UV mapping the model

Complete asset workflow between blender & unreal engine

How to leverage the Megascans library for material creation & assets sourcing

Environment sculpting & Texturing in Unreal Engine

Using sequencer in Unreal Engine to create photo realistic animations

Some of the technology & tools we cover include:

The free and open source software blender

Unreal Engine

The Megascans Library

Some of the topics covered during the course include:

Blender to Unreal scene scale alignment

Import Assets to Unreal Engine

UE materials

Level Sequence



Landscape sculpting


So what are you waiting for.

Click the buy now button and get the skills to create stunning architectural visualisation in Unreal engine.

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Architectural designers who wants to create photorealistic renderings and animations
Beginner Blender & Unreal Engine users interested in architectural visualization
Architectural students who need to 3D model and animate scenes
Artists who want to learn the full 3D architectural visualization workflow
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Create compelling photorealistic images & cinematic animations in Blender & Unreal Engine

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