Blender, Head, beginner, sculpting

Blender head sculpting for beginners

Blender, Head, beginner, sculpting
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Are you struggling with sculpting heads?

Are you lost and don’t know what to do?

Do you want to learn to sculpt heads like a professional?

You are in the right place! This course is for anyone who is having a rough time sculpting heads in blender 3D.

We will start by setting up our scene so we can see more details and better view of the shapes. Move to talking about the head shapes and lines and how to form them without any problem.

I don’t like to force students into frame but to give them the keys to open up there creativity and style. This way I will give you the rules to follow and break for creating your own unique and amazing head sculpts.

We will sculpt 4 heads together to make sure you are moving thru the progress smoothly and strongly.

The first head I will teach you the basics of forming the head with the face. Talk about which shape is created by what.

With the next head I will show you how industry professional heads are sculpted.

We will finish up with the realistic head sculpt .

Then I will do a quick sculpt which anyone can follow while explaining why I’m doing and what I’m doing.

In the last video you will learn how to easily get an amazing result without having much skills!

The course will have  5 items attached to it.

The pureref file with many good references you can follow.

3 Blend files for all the files used in the course for easy studying.

And finish up with notepad for everything you need on your further journey! 

I don’t know what are we waiting for any longer, LET’S GO!

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
For beginners who want to learn how to sculpt head and faces using 3D Blender
People who are struggling with head sculpting
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Blender, Head, beginner, sculpting

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