AutoCAD course from scratch - 2D and 3D

AutoCAD – 2D and 3D CAD design – learn easy!

AutoCAD course from scratch – 2D and 3D
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This is a course designed to learn AutoCAD from scratch.

AutoCAD is the most popular software for computer-aided design. It is the basic platform for areas such as civil engineering, architecture, mechanical design and simulation. It is the ideal software to start, knowing the design principles to later apply it to specialized software in vertical disciplines such as Revit (Architecture, 3D Max), Revit MEP (Electromechanical / Plumbing), Civil Engineering (Structure, Advance Steel, Robot), Topography and civil works (Civil 3D).


Includes a step-by-step explanation of the main commands with which 90% of designs are built in AutoCAD.

Aditionally includes a step by step excercise of an architectural plan from a house, where is applied the commands doing this lessons:


Layers Formation

Axis Formation

Axis Names

Walls Formation

Doors Formation

Windows Formation

CAD Blocks

Relating layers to Blocks

Space Names

Primary Dimensions

Secondary Dimensions

Planter Formation

Plant Blocks


3D modeling

After this course, a CAD user must be pepared to do any other designs.

Section 1: Introduction

1. Introduction

2. Interface

3. Keyboard Shortcuts

Section 2: Construction commands

4. Lines

5. Circles

6. Arc

7. Polylines

8. Rectangles

9. Polygons

10. Splines

11. Ellipse

Section 3: Editing commands

12. Layers

13. Editing Tool – 1

14. Editing Tool – 2

15. Array

16. Offset & Revision Clouds

Section 4: Advanced commands

17. Dimensions

18. Dimensions Style Manager

19. Importing PDF to AutoCAD

20. Tables

21. Blocks

Section 5: Final output commands

22. Layouts

23. Title Block

24. Plot

25. Hatch

Section 6: Excercises

26. Cooking Range

27. Kitchen Shelf

28. Cupboard Views

29. Kitchen Appliances

30. Dining Table

31. Sofa Chair Set

32. Auxiliary Furniture

33. Bed

34. Beds

35. Bath Tub

36. Washroom WC

37. Washroom Accessories

38. DIY Project

39. Cars

3D Modeling applied to Mechanical design

40. 3D Piston

Section 7: Architectural plan excercises

41. Introduction

42. Layers Formation

43. Axis Formation

44. Axis Names

45. Walls Formation

46. Doors Formation

47. Windows Formation

48. CAD Blocks

49. Relating layers to Blocks

50. Space Names

51. Primary Dimensions

52. Secondary Dimensions

53. Planter Formation

54. Plant Blocks

55. Hatching

Section 8: 3D House project – Part 1

56: Introduction

57: Keyboard Shortcuts

58: User Interface and Navigation

59: Getting Started – 2D Layout Review ( Isolated Layers )

60: Base Creation & Learn Extrude Command

61: Walls Creation & Learn Press Pull Command

62: Spaces for Doors & Learn Move and Union Command

63: Spaces for Windows 1 & Learn Use of Coordinate System

64: Spaces for Windows 2 & Learn Subtract Command

65: Doors Placement & Learn Scale Command

66: Windows Placement & Learn Rotate Command

Section 9:  3D House project – Part 2

67: Exhaust Fan Creation & Learn Array Command

68: Entrance Base Creation & Learn Match Property Command

69: Roof Creation & Learn Offset Command

70: Pillar Creation & Learn Revolve Command

71: Boundary Wall Creation & Remove Unncessary Data

72: Minor Adjustments & Learn Region Command

73: Apply Material & Learn Mat Browser Open Command

74: Render & Learn Camera Creation Command

75: Conclusion – Information regarding Revit (BIM)

Bonus lessons

76: Import from dgn and export to dxf and dwg – and bulk export using microstation

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3d modelers
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AutoCAD course from scratch - 2D and 3D

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