Learn alcohol-based ink markers coloring techniques and tips. Start from sketching to realistic illustration.

Alcohol Based Ink Markers: Food Drawing and Illustration

Learn alcohol-based ink markers coloring techniques and tips. Start from sketching to realistic illustration.
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M C says, « I am completely new to markers and didn’t even own any alcohol-based markers before starting this course. I only knew how to use markers like a child at school – by filling in space between the lines. So, I was interested in learning some basic techniques and was inspired by the delicious subjects. At first, I was hoping for more specific recommendations on supplies, but I found the information given in the course was enough. I went on Amazon and purchased a set of markers and paper I was comfortable with for my budget. I didn’t get all the extras like the liners, sepia pen or snowball pen. But, I didn’t really need them. I was able to complete the projects with just my set of markers. As a beginner, I followed the tutorial very closely. I did all the exercises on blending and texture first and learned a lot about the markers through these exercises. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to jump into the strawberry tart, but I did it and was very happy with the results. I look forward to using my markers more! »

Would you like to draw some yummy illustrations? Then let’s do it using ink markers.

In this course, I’ll teach you how to draw and color food in a realistic style using what are called alcohol-based ink markers.

I’ll start by teaching you markers’ basic coloring techniques (color blending and gradation and texture creation). Then I’ll apply these techniques through a number of food drawing tutorials. And through each tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the markers to create textures, show light and shade, and make a realistic drawing that everyone would like to eat!

I’ll take you on a step-by-step journey starting from sketching to adding the final touches to each drawing. And every now and then, I’ll add a new tutorial to the course, so you’ll not just learn the available tutorials, but you’ll also have the upcoming ones.

Currently available tutorials;

Realistic drawing of a strawberry tart.

Realistic drawing of cantaloupe and watermelon.

Realistic drawing of donuts.

So, Why ink markers?!

Well, simply because they enable you to make amazingly realistic illustrations that would love to eat!

Besides their living bright colors, ink markers are so enjoyable in drawing and expressing color gradation and textures.

Not to mention that you can carry them with you whenever you’re, so you can draw your food anywhere.

Ink markers are available in the market under several brand names, for example, Copic markers, Touch markers, Prismacolor markers, etc. In my course, I use two different brands alternately (Touch markers and Sign me Markers). Although different marker brands vary in quality, you can apply the same coloring techniques taught in the course using any brand. So feel free to get any brand you want according to your preference and budget.

This course will teach you how to color using ink markers through food illustration, although you might use the techniques taught in the course in fields other than that. So the aim of the course is to increase your appetite for marker sketching in general, and who knows, maybe for food too.

Hope you’ll enjoy the course and Bon appetite!

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Anyone who wants to learn how to sketch or color using ink markers.
Those who are interested in food illustration.
Those who love coloring!
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Learn alcohol-based ink markers coloring techniques and tips. Start from sketching to realistic illustration.

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