After Effects can only be learnt by working in it! Design 10+ animated motion graphics in after effects to get rollin'

After Effects – Make 10 Motion Graphics projects right away!

After Effects can only be learnt by working in it! Design 10+ animated motion graphics in after effects to get rollin’
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There is no better way to learn motion graphics than by completing projects. Real projects.

With help of this course you get a good grasp of common workflows and usage and learn After Effects in the process!


There are so many After Effects courses, tutorials, and videos which take a majority of the time to explain all the features and how to potentially use certain things without ever getting on how to actually create it. What good will you bring to understanding tools when you don’t know the creative process of their usage in real-life examples?

This is why I prepared this, project-based course – to both teach you the tools & software and let you create real-life after effects projects right away. It doesn’t require any prior deep knowledge of After Effects at all – I will show you detailed steps and simple explanations of how to achieve things you want to achieve in the software.





Don’t get me wrong, learning After effects cc or even the newest after effects cc 2017 version from scratch, tool by tool, handle by handle, element by element is an amazing journey and I also have recorded a comprehensive After Effects course in that fashion, but some of you who are already a bit familiar with video editing, animation or motion graphic (fade-in, fade out, trimming, these options are available in every video editing software) would like to start right away. 

This course is perfect for students, who want to start learning After Effects right away, from the animation/motion graphics side. This course will not be optimal for people who just want to get a basic grasp of the software and carefully learn each option before they start designing and moving forward. 

What are the biggest benefits of this after effects course?

You learn from real-life examples 

Your instructor is an experienced after effects designer & user

You get all project files to work along or preview the animations

You will learn After Effects fast and efficient, during the work

You get additional design tips & tricks on motion graphics

Don’t wait any longer… Enroll Now!

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Beginners to intermediate After Effects users
Aspiring motion graphic artists
Video creators, editors, youtubers wanting to implement visual effects and motion graphics into their videos
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After Effects can only be learnt by working in it! Design 10+ animated motion graphics in after effects to get rollin'

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