Become A video editor

After Effects Complete Starter Course

Become A video editor
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Master the basics of Adobe After Effects In No Time!
After effects is a famous software and most people depends on it to create their digital content for different kind of purposes like marketing and advertising, this course will give you the starter pack of using After Effects, wether you were a student, or a filmmaker, or someone who wants to start a career in video editing.

Easy To Perceive Course!

not only this course covers many stuff that makes you improve your work, but it’s also made in a way that makes it easier for you to follow, wether you’ve never tried Editing before, or tried but still got confused.

Learning What Matters!

Even if you think that you’ll get stuck somewhere while learning, be sure that i’ll be here to help, so feel free to ask about anything related to this course

What you’ll learn in this course ?

– you will learn the Basics of After effects .

-Understanding the user interface and working with menus .

-getting familiar with the workspace .

-you will learn how to create and modify a composition

-you will learn how to import files to your composition.

-you will learn how to change the scale, rotation, position, opacity of a layer.

– you will learn how to Split and combine layers in After effects.

By the end of this course, i assure you, you’ll leave as a person who can finally start his business with creating digital content, So You are welcomed to come over anytime,
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À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
People who want to start a career in Video Editing
People who want to create different content
People who want to start Film Making
Students who want to learn for their Video projects
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Become A video editor

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