Create & Sell Professional Lower Thirds, Titles Animation, Motion Graphics & Master Graphic Design in After Effects CC

After Effects CC: Create Cool Lower Thirds & Motion Graphics

Create & Sell Professional Lower Thirds, Titles Animation, Motion Graphics & Master Graphic Design in After Effects CC
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Learn Lower Thirds From Scratch! Go from Zero to Build 6 Great Lower Thirds and Titles Animation. All Lower Thirds Project files Included!

Join the 11,700+ happy students in one of the bestselling After Effects course on Udemy!

With almost 3 hours of training and practical steps you can follow – this is the most comprehensive Adobe After Effects course available on Udemy. We’ll cover AE Fundamentals, AE Interface, Keyframe Animations, Time Remapping, Text Animators, Keyframe Interpolations, Text Layers, Solids, Shapes, Text Animators and much much more!

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★★★★★ « The course is really helpful so far. Instructor is knowledgeable and I think this is a great course. I highly recommend it if you want to learn how to create professional lower thirds fast and easy. LOVE IT 😉   » – Mary Malcom

★★★★★ « It’s really great! It’s the most complete course I’ve ever seen on udemy for lower thirds in after effects.  I recommend it to all new after effects users. Thank you!  » – Jacob Wilson

★★★★★ « Before I looked at this course, I thought I had learned something about  After Effects, now I realize I know nothing. Brilliant course, I  recommend  » – Tiriplic Catalin

★★★★★ « This is real helpful. This teaching is not only helpful for creating and  animating lower thirds but also creating animation in general.  » – Balu Grafix

★★★★★ « good course it takes you to learn new techniques, speed answer and reaction. its a good start to begin with AfterEffects  » – Marwa Al-Soudi

★★★★★ « Thank you very much for making this course, I have been looking for something like this for a long time 🙂  » – Siyad VP

★★★★★ « Really useful, it has helped me a lot to cover the basics and getting better at motion graphics.  » – Bruno Tena

★★★★★ « Awesome course! Very detailed information. Thank you.  » – Bobbie Smith

Go from Beginner to Advanced

You’ll go from beginner to extremely high-level and your instructor will take you through each step on screen.

Here is What You Will Gain By Enrolling in Our Course:

Create eye-catching and professional lower thirds, titles, text animations & motion graphics

Create organized and fully qualified Templates for online Marketplaces like VideoHive, MotionElements, MotionArray, Pond5, …   

Create smooth animations by using keyframe interpolation techniques   

Export final lower thirds and titles with an alpha channel to use over your videos

Create Color Control System for your lower thirds & titles packages that are an essential part for Templates if you want to sell your projects in marketplaces   

Use animators for your texts and shape layers to create dynamic video titles   

Create dynamic motion graphics utilizing all techniques you have learned in this course   

Use Track Matte techniques to create different types of lower thirds & titles   

Create video titles for your videos in social media networks and TV news

If you’re a AE user, don’t worry, we have described all necessary parts of this software and you will learn how to create all lower thirds, titles and motion graphics in this course step-by-step. In this case please watch this course from the beginning so you will get a complete overview of AE.   

What will you gain from this course?

30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

3 Hours of High Quality Training Course

24/7 Online Support to Answer Students Questions

Downloadable Project Files   

Analyze And Feedback on Your Project Files or Exported Videos

Thanks for enrolling in this course and we hope to see you inside this amazing complete guide to lower thirds and titles animations course!   

Enroll & Enjoy!  

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Anyone who wants to learn how to Earn Money Online by creating professional Lower Thirds and Titles Templates in Adobe After Effects
Anyone who wants to learn how to make amateur videos look professional with Adobe After Effects
Anyone who wants to learn how to create and sell professional Lower Thirds & Titles packages to sell in VideoHive , MotionElements, MotionArray, Pond5, … marketplaces.
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Create & Sell Professional Lower Thirds, Titles Animation, Motion Graphics & Master Graphic Design in After Effects CC

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