Module Anything in 3D - Even a House in just a few Hours!

3D Adobe Dimension – Publicity + Architect by Guy Castro

Module Anything in 3D – Even a House in just a few Hours!
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Hi! My name is Guy Castro – Welcome to Adobe Dimension Course. The only course that will teach you Home Design using Adobe Dimension.

Are you a graphic designer or someone who wants to know how to work with 3D graphics?

No 3D experience? No problem.

Dimension is perfect for graphic designers.

This easy-to-use application can help graphic designers of all skill levels Create product mock-ups / Home Design / branding visualizations of all types / packaging, and more.

With Adobe Dimension, we can render realistic images in the same app.

In this course we will learn:

1. How to design « One Product Design »

2. How to make « Publicity » Social Media Photos.

3. How to Module a Full House / apartment / an Office.

4. How to think creatively and master the program.

Achieve 3D photorealistic effects in advertising projects / photography / abstract art / Home Design and more.

We will begin by exploring the basics of dimension step by step.  you will feel comfortable with dimensions, we’ll start with an overview of the interface and tools, after that we will learn the basics like selecting, moving and rotating objects. we’ll move to the materials section where we will learn how to add materials and change its properties and how to work with graphics in dimension. we’ll set up lighting and finally render the images and move them into photoshop for some final touches.

Using Dimension you can Publish high-impact marketing materials, product mock-ups, abstract artwork, and more in 3D. Dimension makes it fast and easy to share your work online. So we have a lot to cover let’s go ahead and get started

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Beginners & Designers that wish to expand their knowledge
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Module Anything in 3D - Even a House in just a few Hours!

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