Learn how to draw quickly your own Beat 'em up Game Character that can stand up as professional work.

2D Character Art School: How to Draw Characters

Learn how to draw quickly your own Beat ’em up Game Character that can stand up as professional work.
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Do you dream of how to drawn your own character and/or releasing your own Beat ’em up game, but can’t know how? In this course, you will learn fast how to design your own Japanese style Beat ’em up Game Character that can stand up as professional work. Studying in this course is fun, and you can decide would you like to start your learning by drawing or editing. You will also get access to ready made character (120 sprites, value 25 USD) and learn how to edit that to your purposes.  With this 120 sprites megaset, which comes on the course content, you can easily add to your game after editing, no matter which game engine do you use to develop your game!

Learn how to create your own character fast and fun way!

Course content is only 85 minutes and after completing the course you have game ready character created, which you can import to your game engine. It is the fastest way to learn character drawing in the markets! Course including lectures about drawing a Male character, but while the course grows, my plan is to add lectures about Women character and other characters later.

You Create, Design and/or Edit game character

In this course you will learn how to create or edit all kinds frames (attack, walk, pick up etc), which makes a great Beat ’em up game and game character! These frames, which we drawn in the course are usually enough for Beat ’em up game, but in case you need to drawn more or more complicate frames, you will be able to do it after completing this course. And when you have learned how to create your first game character, it is easy to create another!

We will create or edit all of these game character movements:

Idle (4 frames)

Walking (6 frames)

Jumping (24 frames)

Attack 1 (3 frames)

Attack 2 (3 frames)

Attack 3 (8 frames)

Flying Kick (12 frames)

Hit (3 frames)

Knock Down (27 frames)

Grab (1 frames)

Grab Hit (2 frames)

Throw Enemy (5 frames)

Pick Up (1 frames)

Down Attack (3 frames)

Stopped Lifting (1 frames)

Walking Lifting (7 frames)

Throw Object (5 frames)

Pick up Thrown Object (5 frames)

Use your own pixel-art tool or painting software

However we recommend you to use Aseprite, because it’s easy to use and versatile software, but you can use any other tool which is most suitable to you.

Learn step-by-step by completing the Assignments

Each lecture includes assignments, where you will drawn your own version about the character by using ready sprites. We promise that it’s easy, fast and fun way to learn character design! You can complete assignments at any time of the course, but we recommend completing them after the each lecture to achieve a learning goals and making it more easy for you to complete the course.

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Beginners, hobbyists, artists, experienced artists and game developers
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Learn how to draw quickly your own Beat 'em up Game Character that can stand up as professional work.

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